Popular Reviews Is PandaVPN secure? How is it to use?

Is PandaVPN secure? How is it to use?

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This is an article about the recent experience of using a VPN. Because of my hobby, I usually need to use VPNs quite a lot. So far, I have also used a few paid or free VPNs. Thus, I write this article to share the current experience of using VPNs, and also hope to provide a little reference to everyone.

Before you read: This article is not a professional review, but merely personal feedback as a user. Also, even if you can use VPNs, please obey the law and do not participate in any discussion of sensitive topics or commit any illegal acts. There I use VPNs only for watching funny videos on YouTube, playing foreign games, and browsing the normal content on Twitter.

The real PandaVPN

First of all, I use PandaVPN Pro for iOS as well as the PC client, and it’s worth mentioning that there is another Panda VPN that is always highly advertised on many websites like this logo on the right. When I first started using PandaVPN, I saw the advertisements for this software and thought it was the same one, but then I realized that the website and the official Twitter feed were completely different, but I haven’t paid much attention to it since I’ve been using PandaVPN Pro.

This logo is PandaVPN which I usually use in my life:

After switching between several VPNs, I finally chose PandaVPN Pro. Before that, I had used a number of free VPNs. A few years earlier, when I was new to using VPNs, I even tried the accelerator software found within the iOS country, but none of them seemed to work at the time. That free VPN I used for a long time; I will not require too much because it is free. It is suitable if I need it occasionally for half an hour or an hour, but it has the problem of frequent disconnection, so it is not recommended to use.

Later on, because of playing international or Japanese games, the stability of VPNs and network speed requirements increased slightly so I began to contact the paid VPNs. iOS is actually quite easy to download all kinds of VPNs, just need the almighty online shopping software, spend a few dollars to buy a foreign APP Store account can directly switch shops to download all kinds of software. Quite a lot of paid VPNs have a trial period or money-back guarantee, like the more famous ExpressVPN which has a 30-day money-back guarantee. I don’t use it because I really only check Youtube and Twitter, and I play games that don’t require a lot of latency. So, I decide to use Panda VPN.

Panda VPN actually has two versions: The free version & Paid version. You can try the free version. I downloaded it at first but didn’t like the ads so I uninstalled it and switched to the paid version.


This is a question that many VPN users would like to know a lot about. Many users are sensitive to the issues involved because using a VPN itself is in a grey area. Some of them are very aggressive, and my opinion on this is that we can take various means to protect ourselves, but there is no need to be so paranoid. One is VPN users, in fact, will not be few. Nowadays, network openness is much higher than before, and international exchanges become more and more. Many foreign trade companies such as many companies are bound to need to use VPNs, so VPNs can always be in the gray area rather than being directly killed. Besides, if you surf healthily and don’t read or participate in sensitive topics, then your behavior on the internet will not be noticed and it is very difficult to monitor millions or even tens of millions of VPN users at the same time. I’ve been using PandaVPN for almost a year, and I’ve had a good experience with it, and I haven’t received any legendary warnings. Sometimes I go through the Google reviews, one for the volume of users and one for the number of reviews, and I think PandaVPN is still reliable enough. The presence of customer service is also a little reassuring, at least I got a response to my previous disconnection problem, and it is better to offer 24-hour customer service at this price.


In the time I’ve been using it, the internet speed has definitely dropped a bit after connecting to PandaVPN. Any VPN will have varying degrees of latency and slower internet speeds after connecting, and this should depend on the server. Most of the time, PandaVPN is very stable, and the connection speed is quite fast, I have not encountered a situation where the server is down for two or three days at once. Maybe only at night, the network speed will drop a little because the night is the peak surfing period. If you just look at Youtube or read Twitter, do not worry about this. The refresh speed of pictures and speed is similar to the day, but if you need to download software, you can wait until off-peak hours to use it.


Watching videos, using social apps and playing games are three areas that I have really experienced by using Panda VPN. Regular social networking software like FB, Twitter, and ins are available. I haven’t used the international version of TikTok. PandaVPN has a dedicated line for games, mainly Japanese and Korean lines, many games in the Japanese service have requirements for IP addresses, some lines can play game A but cannot play game B, and some cannot play game A but can play game B. You can try both when using, the specific game manufacturers on the IP identification method is not quite clear, but changing the internal line of PandaVPN can be solved.

The above is for PandaVPN‘s current use of ideas, more recommended for people like me who have certain requirements for VPNs, and at the same time do not want to spend too much money. This is my non-professional evaluation, if you have any questions or are recommended to go to the official website to consult customer service, the URL is placed at the back of the article.

Remind you that you need to download software on the official website or official download channels, and now there is too much-pirated software that really cannot be prevented, and finally wish you happy surfing.

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