Popular Reviews ExpressVPN Review 2022 | Top Rated VPN Provider

ExpressVPN Review 2022 | Top Rated VPN Provider

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In the VPN industry, ExpressVPN is a popular VPN. It has a good selection of servers that can unblock a large number of streaming services and has high speeds that will appeal to most users.

Quick View – What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a full-featured VPN with a subscription that provides numerous security benefits and is based in the British Virgin Islands. Since its inception in 2009, the company has offices in the British Virgin Islands, Toronto, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Portugal, Croatia, Australia, and the Philippines. It operates under the jurisdiction of these offshore islands, which have no data retention laws.

ExpressVPN Features

💴 Price6.67 USD / month = 15 months
📅 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 No log Policy Yes
💻 Number of Servers3,000+ servers in 94 countries
💻 Number of Devices Per License5
🛡 Kill Switch Yes
🗺 Based in Country Virgin Islands (British)
🛠 Support24/7 Live Chat Support
📥 TorrentingYes

What We Like

  • Unblocking a ton of streaming platforms
  • Lightening speed without buffer experience
  • Over 3000+ servers around in 04 countries
  • Encryption of a military-grade quality with excellent security features
  • No-log policy

What We Don’t

  • Expensive than other VPNs
  • ExpressVPN is required for browser extensions
  • Kape Technologies owns it
  • Five simultaneous connections only

Detailed Review of ExpressVPN

Privacy and Security

ExpressVPN‘s industrial-grade encryption is the foundation of its privacy protection. The Diffie-Helman key exchange makes it possible to securely connect to the remote server, AES-256-GCM support protects your data from even the most well-equipped attackers, and strong HMAC authentication prevents data from being changed in real time.

Additionally, DNS support is a highlight. In addition to providing DNS leak protection, ExpressVPN runs its own private, zero-knowledge, 256-bit encrypted DNS on each of its servers to prevent data about your online activities from leaking out of the VPN tunnel.

Servers and Locations

ExpressVPN has 160 server locations in 94 countries (Opens in a new window). ExpressVPN has the best balance of hardware and virtual servers in most countries among our top-rated VPNs (more on this later). This distinction has been held by it for a considerable amount of time, but CyberGhost is catching up, offering servers in 90 nations.

ExpressVPN excels in geographic diversity in addition to having a large number of server locations. It has several servers in Africa and excellent coverage across South America, two continents that are frequently neglected or completely ignored by other VPN providers. Additionally, ExpressVPN has servers in Turkey and Vietnam, two nations with restrictive internet policies.

No-Log Policy

ExpressVPN doesn’t advertise zero logging on its homepage, indicating that it is confident in its reputation. To find out, you’ll need to go to the right page.

You will notice that ExpressVPN does not keep track of your traffic, the IP address you use to connect, the time you spend logging in, the IP you are assigned, or any information about the pages you visit.

However, some minimal logs are still kept, including the date (not the time) of your connection, the server you chose, the amount of data transferred, and your client’s version number.


For a VPN to run smoothly, connection speeds are absolutely necessary, and even the most concerned about privacy will want fast loading times and solid security.

We tested the speeds using a variety of speed test websites and services, each of which yielded at least five results. Using OpenVPN and Lightway, we carried out the procedure three times.

ExpressVPN’s OpenVPN connections were impressive, reaching speeds of around 385Mbps when we first connected using our 1Gbps US line. Lightway enabled speeds of up to 630 Mbps, which are comparable to those of the majority of other services’ WireGuard.


ExpressVPN is an excellent streaming platform unblocked. I had no problems watching shows on BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix.ExpressVPN actively monitors the unblocking performance of its servers, which is one of the reasons why it is so reliable when it comes to accessing streaming sites. When a streaming service blocks an IP address, it is promptly replaced with a working alternative.

I was able to unblock Netflix in the following nations in addition to the US library:

United StatesUnited KingdomGermanyAustraliaRomania
ChileBrazilSwitzerlandNetherlandsNew Zealand
ColombiaGreeceSpainCanadaHong Kong

On the other hand, I had trouble unblocking Netflix on the virtual servers of ExpressVPN. These are servers that give the impression that you are in one location while the actual server is in another. I was only presented with Netflix Originals when I connected to the virtual location in Argentina. These are accessible in every nation with Netflix. The same thing occurred when I tested other virtual locations like Taiwan, Egypt, Pakistan, and the Bahamas. Although it is preferable to be blocked by the irritating Netflix proxy error, it is still somewhat disappointing that it cannot access region-specific content in these locations.

Subscription Plan

You will pay the most for a one-month rolling plan, $12.95, just like with virtually every VPN provider.

If you sign up for six months, the price will drop to $9.99, which isn’t bad, but it’s still a lot more expensive than other providers.

If you sign up for a year without any special offers or discounts, you’ll get the best deal. However, if you sign up through VPN4PUBG, you can get three free months on any 12-month plan, bringing the monthly cost down to $6.67, which is a lot more affordable.

Bottom Line

If you travel frequently or absolutely require a server in a specific location, ExpressVPN is the best option. It stands out from other VPN services that boast large server distributions due to its emphasis on secure hardware and minimal reliance on virtual servers. ExpressVPN will not let you down if you travel frequently, need VPN access to a specific country, or are drawn to its privacy settings.

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