Popular Reviews PrivateVPN Review 2022: Details, Features & Pricing

PrivateVPN Review 2022: Details, Features & Pricing

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The Swedish company Privat Kommunikation Sverige AB offers a user-friendly virtual private network called PrivateVPN. This VPN, which was launched in 2009, aims to let users access the internet anonymously and unblock content that is restricted by location. The “highest level of encryption” is provided by PrivateVPN, which also has an unlimited bandwidth policy and prohibits logging.

Short Review of PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is a straightforward VPN service that uses strong encryption to conceal your IP address and safeguard data transfers. Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire TV are all supported by native apps. Besides, PrivateVPN is compatible with streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Despite the fact that the VPN is based in Sweden, a jurisdiction that is a member of Fourteen Eyes, the zero-logs privacy policy means that PrivateVPN’s servers will not store any of your web data. The VPN offers good global coverage, despite the fact that its server network, which only has 200 total servers, is small in comparison to that of competitors.

Unblocking Many Streaming PlatformsSmall Network
Affordable Price on Three-Year PlanLive Chat is Not Always Available
No-log PolicyNo Smart DNS Feature
Supporting TorrentingNo Browser Extensions
10 Simultaneous ConnectionsNo WireGuard Protocol
30-Day Free Trial

Detailed Review of PrivateVPN

Speeding – Is PrivateVPN Fast?

On PrivateVPN’s standard and dedicated IP servers, I experienced comparable speeds. My baseline download speed was 188Mbps when I first ran a benchmark speed test without a VPN. I connected to the New York server, which is close to where I live, and saw my download speeds drop to 82Mbps from the baseline speed of 188Mbps.

Although a drop of 66% may seem like a lot, it is more than fast enough for 4K streaming, HD video chat, and other activities that use a lot of bandwidth. Additionally, it is significantly faster than my results of 68Mbps on the same server six months ago.

I was impressed by the consistent 50-90+Mbps speeds I experienced when connecting to servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Japan. My ability to stream HD or play multiplayer games was unharmed despite the reduction of 45-75% from my baseline speed of 188Mbps. However, the majority of PrivateVPN servers can significantly impact your performance if your usual speeds are 50 Mbps or less.

Servers & Locations

You can traverse more than 200 servers in more than 63 nations with PrivateVPN.

RegionsNumber of LocationsNumber of Servers
The US1034+
Africa & Middle East56+
Asia Pacific1320+

Additionally, PrivateVPN has a smaller server fleet than other providers, despite the fact that the number of locations is satisfactory. This could result in overcrowding on the servers, which could hurt your experience as a user.

Privacy & Security

PrivateVPN is a verified VPN service that does not keep logs and has never given user data to a third party. Its base in Sweden, a jurisdiction of the 14 Eyes, is a minor drawback, but its private logging policy makes up for it.

PrivateVPN stores only your email address, which is used to log in, change your password, and renew your account. We were informed by PrivateVPN that this has nothing to do with your activities.

Besides, on its apps for Windows, macOS, and Android, PrivateVPN has a kill switch. Your internet connection will be automatically cut off if the VPN connection fails, which is an essential security feature. This stops the “leaking” of sensitive information like your IP address or location.

Streaming – PrivateVPN Working With Netflix, Hulu, and More Platforms

During my tests, I was pleased to discover that PrivateVPN fulfilled its promise to “unblock anything”. PrivateVPN’s “Dedicated IP” servers consistently accessed the most popular streaming services, despite the fact that the “Streamed Services” tab no longer contains specialized servers.

Unblocking Netflix

PrivateVPN accessed Netflix libraries in the United States and other nations that my team and I tested. The entire list of countries where PrivateVPN and Netflix are compatible can be found on the company’s website.

Unblocking Disney+

I searched the main PrivateVPN server menu but was unable to locate any option that was compatible with Disney+. When I asked support for assistance, they advised me to use the Dedicated IP server in New York. It was true that it worked right away with Disney+. I was able to watch all of Star Wars on my paid account without having to deal with interruptions caused by buffering.

PrivateVPN is able to access all of the Disney+ libraries worldwide because other Dedicated IP servers, such as those in Germany, Italy, Canada, the UK, and Australia, work well with Disney+.

Unblocking Hulu

I was able to access Hulu from any of PrivateVPN’s US servers without any issues. I was able to load Palm Springs in just three seconds, and there was not a single buffering issue throughout the entire movie. Even better, I was able to watch in high definition, so I didn’t miss a single detail of Andy Samberg’s antics.

Unblocking Amazon Prime Video

In Australia as well as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland, PrivateVPN allows instant access to Amazon Prime Video. If the standard servers in other countries don’t work, dedicated IP options in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and other places will let you watch The Boys without lag, even in high definition.

Unblocking HBO Max

HBO Max is immediately accessible from most Latin American PrivateVPN servers. I tried options from the Dedicated IP tab of PrivateVPN after having less success with standard servers in the United States. The dedicated IP servers in Los Angeles and New York functioned flawlessly.

Unblocking BBC iPlayer

PrivateVPN lets you stream Peaky Blinders and other BBC iPlayer content without experiencing lag, buffering, or image issues thanks to its London and Manchester servers.

Subscription Plans

Each of PrivateVPN’s paid plans comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I found that each of the three subscription options was much less expensive than the majority of premium VPNs. You can pay on a monthly, quarterly, or every three years basis, with the latter option offering the greatest discount. This amounts to $2.00 per month, a savings of 85%!

1 Month Plan9.90 USD / Month
3 Months Plan6.00 USD / Month
36 Months Plan2.00 USD / Month

Final Thought

For the most part, PrivateVPN is an excellent VPN. It will secure data on public WiFi, conceal your torrenting, and work with any streaming service. However, you will need to look elsewhere if you want a more comprehensive VPN with the fastest speeds, Smart DNS, browser extensions, 24/7 live chat, and numerous server locations.

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