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IPVanish Review – Whether We Should Use It

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There are so many VPN providers on the market, in addition to changing the IP address, there are actually many useful functions, and how should we choose to find the most suitable one for us? This article will share with you the features, security, price of IPVanish and whether we should use it!

Introduction to IPvanish

The main function of IPVanish is to change our IP address to bypass geographic blockade, and at the same time encrypt our network data and protect our privacy online.

IPVanish does not limit network speed and traffic and has servers in many countries and regions around the world. So we don’t have to worry about difficult connections due to overcrowded servers. No problem if we want to unblock Netflix or play games etc.

And IPVanish does not limit the number of devices that can be used at the same time, so we only need to register an account and enjoy the joy of logging in to all devices at once.

Product Category:

Charge for use:

Number of servers:

Number of supported devices:

Support platform:

VPN virtual private network

From as low as $3.99 per month

2,000+ servers in over 70 countries

No limit

What is IPVanish?

The main function of IPVanish is to change our IP address to make the website think we are from another country. At the same time, our network data can be encrypted, so that others do not know our browsing data:

In addition, IPVanish also has the following other features:

Support for multiple countries
IPVanish has over 2000 servers in over 70 countries including the US, Australia, Brazil and more. So we have a wide range of options and are not afraid of congestion and disconnection during peak hours.

Support for multiple devices
One of the biggest features of IPVanish is that it has no limit on the number of devices, and the supported platforms include Windows, MacOs, iOS, Android, smart TVs and routers.

IPVanish Speed Test

The statement that IPVanish is the fastest VPN in the world is prominently displayed on their webpage. That’s a strong statement, to be sure. Having said that, IPVanish performs admirably and has much to be proud of. For instance, the UK server speeds are really excellent.

Overall, download speeds are outstanding and sufficient for downloading moderately large files or streaming ultra-high definition video.

Things appear even better on the upload side. Only a few other providers can outperform them with an average speed of 53.1 Mbps across the eight areas I tested (and not by much).

A Reliable Method for Unblocking Blocked Streaming Platforms

In recent years, IPVanish has greatly enhanced its streaming capabilities. Prior to today, it could only unblock Netflix US, but it has since expanded its list of supported websites.

Accessible: Netflix USA, UK, Japan, India, and Kodi

Will My Data Be Logged by IPVanish?

The answer is No. According to IPVanish’s website, personal data is not logged.

How does this affect you? Your use of the service will not be collected, watched over, or tracked by IPVanish. Additionally, they do not lease or sell customer information to third parties. An email address and a payment method are all that is required to sign up with them.

Is IPVanish safe?

IPVanish was established in the United States in 2012 and has received numerous acclaim worldwide. On Trustpilot, a large review site, for example, it scores as high as 4.6.

In terms of security, they use the military-grade AES-256 encryption algorithm and support a “No log policy” that will not keep any of our browsing records.

If we have any questions, we can also go to their official website for more relevant help or contact their customer service.

Does IPVanish offer reliable and secure torrenting?

Yes, IPVanish is a reliable and secure torrenting option. It wouldn’t be accurate to describe it as fantastic for torrenting, though. In all honesty, IPVanish isn’t stressing its P2P capabilities as a major selling feature. You will have to use the same pool because the service does not provide dedicated torrenting servers.

But since torrenting with IPVanish is trouble-free, this isn’t a major issue. Once it connected to every peer during the tests, the download speed was 7-8MB/s (56-64mbps).

Also available is a free SOCKS5 proxy. To be more specific, this server is excellent for people who wish to preserve fast connections while also maintaining security and anonymity online. Therefore, individuals who want to benefit from even faster speeds have options.

IPVanish prices

IPVanish currently offers 3 plans, an annual plan for as low as $3.99 per month, a quarterly plan for $5.32 a month, and a monthly plan for $10.99. We can choose the corresponding package according to our needs. If we have any dissatisfaction during the use process, apply for a refund within 30 days after the subscription.


Overall, IPVanish offers great service and is a simple-to-use VPN. Additionally, the money-back promise is quite clear. Therefore, you are free to try IPVanish for 30 days with the knowledge that you can simply get a refund if you change your mind.

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