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Imagine it’s raining outside the window and you’re lying in your boyfriend’s arms watching a romantic movie. How beautiful and desirable that scene must be! We have compiled 8 of the most classic love movies for you, so add these to your list.

Five Feet Apart

“Five Feet Apart”, tells the story of a young man and woman who meet in a hospital. The male and female protagonists who also suffer from cystic fibrosis, in order to avoid mutual infection, can only keep a distance of 5 steps each time they meet. Mutual affection, but become the cause of death for each other. The movie is very touching and it is very suitable to catch your boyfriend and watch it together.

The length of the film is about 116 minutes

Me Before You

“Me Before You” was a huge hit and tear-jerking! The heroine Lou slowly developed feelings while taking care of the disabled hero Will. Will knew that he could not recover, and the final decision made Lou reluctant to leave.

Classic Dialogue: You know, you are the only reason I want to wake up every day.

Little Women

“Little Women” is a good choice if you don’t want to watch only romantic movies with love and love! From the perspective of four sisters in a family, it is an ordinary but close-to-the-ground family and love story. “Little Women” is an adaptation of a classic novel, but it’s 135 minutes long and a bit slow in the middle, but it’s definitely worth watching.

Love movies don’t have to be tear-jerking, and the blandness of Little Women is also very attractive!

One Day

Actress-level actress Anne Hathaway paired with the work of sportsman Jim Sturgess, which was well-received at the time. I believe that “One Day” is now one of the favourite movies of many people. The movie tells the story of the male and female protagonists who met on the night of graduation on July 15, 1988, but it took 20 years for the two to be together. The love story between 2 people seems to be unremarkable, but it is very profound.

About Time

The hero in the movie has the ability to go back to the past, he can change what happened to him. And when he turned 21 years old, he decided to find a girlfriend, this is the heroine Mary. But there is nothing so cheap in the world. When you change the past, the reality will also have variables. This makes the actor begin to realize that he should cherish every day, which is definitely the number one recommendation for tender movies! After watching it, I feel very healed, and cherish the people around you!

The Notebook

Everyone says “I’ll love you forever”, but how many people actually do it? The film tells the story of an elderly male protagonist who goes to a nursing home every day to chat with his wife with Alzheimer’s disease, hoping to remind her of the love story between the two. The two were not a well-matched couple. The woman was born into a wealthy family, but the man was just a lumber worker. Although the two have experienced a lot of things, this has made their love even more unforgettable.

A Star Is Born

“A Star Is Born” received critical acclaim when it was released, and the film received multiple nominations and awards. Although it is already the fourth remake of the classic story, it is still worth watching, and Lady Gaga’s singing penetrates the entire film.

A veteran musician Jackson Maine (played by Briecopa) who is getting out of breath finds out Ally (played by Lady Gaga), a girl with star dreams, falls in love with her. Ally was on the verge of giving up her dream, and it was Jackson who made her try again on stage. But when Ally started to become popular, they drifted away because of Jackson’s inner demons.

Tips for watching movies

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FAQs About ExpressVPN

How can I get ExpressVPN for free?

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