VPN Guides Genshin Impact | 8 Tips for New Travelers Adventuring in Teyvat

Genshin Impact | 8 Tips for New Travelers Adventuring in Teyvat

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Hi, buddies! It’s me again! I showed you some world backgroud and settings of Genshin Impact in the last articles. Today, I am going to share you 8 tips we need to pay attention to when we traveling or adventuring in Teyvat.

8/8 Healing with Statues of The Seven

Statues of The Seven is the regional beacons in the continent of Teyvat. It also represents elemental power of this region.

The Statues has the function of providing portable teleportation for the travelers. We can use it as a teleportation endpoint to move quickly between locations. It belongs to a special kind of teleportation anchor point.

In addition to this, The Statues has the ability to help our team to restore the blood, especially in the case that we are short of healing foods.

I usually use The Statues as a way of escaping from the battle. Useful and means my task failed.

7/8 Collecting Anemoculus, Geoculus, and Electroculus

These three stuff are the substance produced by the intense elemental energies coming together in Genshin Impact.

The main function is to offer to corresponding Statues of The Seven. Then, The Statues will level up and give us a reward for increasing the stamina limit.

The upgrade of our physical strength will help us to swim or climb for a longer periods of time.

When exploring around the map or completing specific tasks, I often come across multiple Anemoculi and Geoculi. At this time, I always take them immediately or mark them that I can come here to collect it later.

6/8 Completing Daily Commission

When I reach level 12, I can talk to Catherine of the Mondstat. She will give me four commissions every day.

Each task has a great reward that I recommend you to take ten to fifteen minutes out of your day to do this task if you are a new travel who is same as me.

These rewars include useful materials and lots of experience, which are needed to progress through the game.

5/8 Using Dash Jumping to Get The Fastest Way to Travel Around

I often hold down the sprint button to get to places faster. However, the process may not be as quick as I except. For most characters, holding down the sprint button will drain stamina very quickly.

Essentially, most of the characters in Genshin Impact can move forward quickly and then start a series of ‘jumps’ to maintain the initial momentum of moving forward quickly while covering more ground with their jumps. This may not seem like an immediate time saver, but it certainly helps in the long run.

4/8 Some character abilities can be used outside of combat

Elemental bursts and skills form the basic foundation of Genshin Impact combat. However, we should not feel that combat is the only use of their character’s talents.

The game has many characters who can use their skills to explore and solve puzzles. For instance, Keching’s elemental skill can be used to teleport to hard-to-reach places. In addition, Hokuto can use the electric shield in her skill to solve lightning strike detection puzzles in lightning.

3/8 Dodaging Damge By Using Elemental Bursts

When doing tasks in Genshin Impact, I often meet groups of enemies, and while I am attacking one of them, other enemies will attack me from behind. Their attacks sometimes interrupt my movements.

However, when dodging is not possible, we can use the elemental burst feature to dodge some damage. Because these attacks feature the animations of five-star characters, the damage will expire for a short period of time.

2/8 Playing with Your Partner for Double Material Benefits

The best thing about this game is that I can online with my friend that we travel or upgrade in the same world. I can also request my friends to help me with specific tasks except for some that cannot be done online. Or team up with my friends to get some equipment for subsequent upgrades.

In addition, I can enter my friend’s world to get some resources, and so can you, but only if the person agrees, otherwise it is impolite.

1/8 Using NordVPN to Speed Up Genshin Impact

When I enter the world of Genshin Impact, I usually use NordVPN to speed up. NordVPN has over 5000 servers worldwide, so it is easy for me to find a server that works well and gives me a fast gaming experience.

I notice that the game is not lag and my ping even be reduced when I use NordVPN to play games on a PC. Besides, it can help me unlock a game that has not yet been released in my country. I only need to switch the server to where the game has been broadcast.

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