Best VPNs of 2022 Panda VPN: A Worth VPN Service You Should Try

Panda VPN: A Worth VPN Service You Should Try

Panda VPN: A Worth VPN Service You Should Try post thumbnail image

Those of you who know the VPN market may have heard of the name Panda VPN. This VPN is being mentioned and discussed by more and more users and becomes an increasingly popular VPN service. So how does it really work? Does it support stable connection and high internet speed? Can I use it to watch videos and play games? Is it a worthwhile VPN service? Does it offer after-sales support in case of problems? Let’s take a look!

Panda VPN is registered in the Republic of Seychelles, an archipelagic country in the Indian Ocean of Africa that some of you may not have heard of. The Seychelles is not part of the international intelligence sharing community and is therefore not regulated by the Five Eyes Alliance or the Fourteen Eyes Alliance, which guarantees the privacy and security of users

Similar to other VPN providers, its price with a single month is the most expensive subscription plan. However, the longer you buy the better value you will get. Sometimes, extra hours are given away during the usual events. So, if you are interested in it, you can keep an eye on it to gain some free time to have a try. You can decide whether to subscribe to it or not after trying its functions and feature in using free time.

One of the great features of Panda VPN is that you can choose not to provide your email address when signing up and use its randomly generated digital account directly, which largely safeguards your privacy. Even if you forget your password later, you can contact their customer service with a screenshot of your order to retrieve it.

Panda VPN offers both a web-based and a computer-based app. The overall design of the APP is very simple and you can connect directly with one click after logging in. If you want to connect to a server in a specific region, you can find it in the server category list. If you don’t have any special requirements for the server area, you can connect directly with one click and it will automatically choose the server with the best network quality for you, which is a great relief for those who don’t bother with research.

In addition to the basic server line, it also offers a dedicated server for gaming and a dedicated server for watching videos, which is also very user-friendly for those who have a need to catch up on TV shows and gaming.

It is one thing to be able to connect to a VPN, and another to be able to load it once you are connected. First of all, I would like to clarify with you the fact that VPNs reduce the speed of the Internet to varying degrees, and the further away you choose to locate your server, the slower the speed of the Internet will be in relative terms. A good VPN will minimize its own impact on internet speed, but there is no such thing as a VPN that has no impact on internet speed whatsoever. It is also recommended that you choose the nearest Panda Accelerator server in Japan or Hong Kong to get a better experience.

When I use Panda VPN to watch YouTube videos, I can upscale the picture quality to 2160P, which is 4K definition video, and the video is smooth under normal viewing, if you pull the progress bar back and forth there will be a few seconds of loading time. This is a very good performance considering that it is 4K. Normally, 1080P video is not a problem at all.

I have been using Panda VPN for almost 2 years and it has been able to connect smoothly 95% of the time during the year. There is no need to panic if you disconnect Panda VPN. It will fix extremely and can usually be resolved within a few hours.

If you encounter any problems when using Panda VPN, you can contact customer service via the chat function built into the Panda VPN client. Panda VPN also offers a 7-day no-questions-asked refund, or you can contact their customer service directly for a refund if you are not satisfied after using it. Much more reliable than other VPN products that do not support no-excuse refunds. I tested it out and when I approached customer service to explain the refund, they would first ask for the reason. And then if you insist on money-back, they will help with it.

The account of Panda VPN supports up to three devices and can be connected on Linux and Android TV in addition to the usual Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Of course, if you need to connect more devices to the VPN, you can contact their customer service to customize the number of multiple online devices. The one downside is that Panda VPN cannot be installed on a router, so those who have an immediate need for a VPN on their router will be disappointed.

Overall, Panda VPN is a generous discounts, competitive pricing, fast and stable connections, and good after-sales service make it a trustworthy product. It’s not a huge number of devices to connect, but for most individual users, three is definitely enough. Added with its very affordable price, the overall value of Panda VPN is very good.

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