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Useful Shopping Tips Before Buying from Wayfair

Useful Shopping Tips Before Buying from Wayfair post thumbnail image

Speaking of decorating our warm home, Wayfair is the best platform and website for us to pick up various kinds of furniture. The e-commerce juggernaut, known for its enormous selection of goods for all tastes and price ranges, enables us to furnish and decorate our entire home without ever leaving it, frequently for much less than we would pay elsewhere while still upholding its high-quality standards. As time goes by, Wayfair has already become a perfect option for us, who like to comfortably look to order furniture and home decorations at our homes, in the growing world of internet shopping and the market for online retail.

About Wayfair

Wayfair was established in 2002 by college friends Steve Conine and Niraj Shah as a modest online retailer. It swiftly expanded to become one of the most popular e-commerce destinations for home furnishings and decoration. Wayfair aims to provide the widest range of home styles, brands, and price points to the global market from its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and with operations in other regions of North America and Europe. Nowadays, Wayfair has developed itself as a well-known supplier for both distinctive home design solutions and reasonably priced office furniture and décor thanks to its steep discounts and daily special offers.

Advantages of Using Wayfair

On the one hand, compared to brick and mortar furniture shops, the main good point of using Wayfair is that we will have more choices of choosing furniture and a wider range of prices. This is definitely a positive element that we are more likely to pick our favourite furniture in a range of prices that we can try our best to afford. On the other hand, online comparison shopping might be simpler than driving to different stores. Last but not least, all purchases we choose online will be delivered to our door with typically free shipping.


  • Convenient shopping experience
  • Plenty of design options, colours, and materials
  • Easy to shop around for a better and more affordable price
  • Quick and fast delivery with free shipping


  • Don’t know the quality and comfort of the furniture
  • Most products need to assemble by ourselves
  • Items may be damaged during the shipping time
  • Need to pay to return items

Useful Shopping Tips

#Tip1: Sign in with an E-mail to get more coupons

We can create an account on the page of My Account and then renew the option of E-mail to choose to receive emails every day or once a week, including coupons, promo coupons, and exclusive savings.

#Tip2: To know well about the best sale day in a year and to buy what you like at their discounts

We can mark those special days, such as Way Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, in our calendars to avoid us not forgetting these best sale days. On these three big sale days, Way Day is the most massive sale day in a year on the Wayfair website that we have chances to get up to 80 per cent off discounts among thousands of products.

#Tip3: Any sale can be combined with a promotional code

These promotional codes are divided into many categories such as regular sales, daily sales, special sales, clearance, and Open Box. Each product can be only used with one coupon code, which means we cannot apply multiple discounts simultaneously. Certainly, our best option, if we want one of those things at an extra discount, is to contact customer care.

#Tip4: Take great advantage of the Room Ideas Tab for decorating our rooms

Room Ideas Tab on Wayfair is the best option for those who have no idea how to decorate their rooms effectively and perfectly. We can even completely replicate one of their themed rooms if we want to because it offers a ton of shoppable photographs of styled rooms.

#Tip5: Make preparation for the possibility of returning products

We should have prepared that we may be unsatisfied with the products that we buy from the online websites, it is because the products we take look at the picture online are different from what they exactly are in the fact. This is often the case when purchasing furniture online because we are unable to sit or lay down on the item to determine how comfortable it is for us before placing the order. Even though Wayfair offers free shipping, if we chose to return something, we will still be responsible for the return fee.


Q1: What should we do if we receive the wrong item?

To be eligible for a resolution, we must get in touch with Wayfair about getting the wrong item within 30 days of the delivery date. After they ensure this fact, they will provide the proper item to us free of charge.

Q2: If we are not satifised with the product we buy from Wayfair, how we return them back?

The procedure for returning an item will change significantly depending on how it was delivered. We can complete our return online if UPS or FedEx delivered the goods; and we can also return them online if our order included any large, heavy, or delicate items that had to be delivered by special delivery service; If we bought the item in-store and transported it home, we can finish the return process in the store. At this time, they are unable to accept returns in-store for goods weighing more than 150 pounds or surpassing 108 inches in length.

Q3: Will we pay for our retuns?

Certainly we need to pay fees if we return the products back. Depending on the location of the return and the method of return we choose, the necessary return shipping fees will be subtracted from our reimbursement.

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