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10 Foods Keep You Cool During Hot Summer

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According to BBC news, I learned that the temperature in Derbyshire has already reached 36.9C which beats the previous record in 2019. However, this record may have no chance to last for a long while because the following temperature will reach up to 42C in some parts of England.

At this time, I am in dire need of food to keep me cool in this coming high temperature even though I have AC in my house. Otherwise, unlike AC, these cool foods are not only keeping me cool down but also giving me a full feeling of happiness and comfort.


As a typical fruit in summer, there is no barbecue or pool party complete without serving watermelon pieces as dessert. It is very helpful for us to eat seasonally. Like what I said above, cooling fruits like watermelon can function as internal air conditioning in the summer.


Same as lettuce, cucumbers include 96% water, making them become the best option for summer days. Additionally, functioning as a diuretic, cucumbers can help me aid with digestion, help with hangovers, and wash out impurities. They will be the perfect snack for hot summer just need to add some salt.


Grapefruit is one of the greatest fruits to eat to fend off dehydration because it has roughly 91 per cent water. The bitter fruit, like bananas, is rich in potassium, which aids the body in replenishing fluids lost via sweating.


As a kind of summer squash, zucchinis have various colours which are different from yellow to dark green. As well as containing essential phytonutrients and Vitamin C, zucchinis also are a great source of manganese which can protect us from the damage from free radicals while promoting collagen production and the growth of healthy bone tissues.


You and I both know that it is so boring to only drink pure water but something will change and get more interesting if we add some pieces of lemon to the bottle of water. Actually, lemon can help our bodies cool down and promote detoxification. Also, they are really good for our skin and immune system.


Pineapple is a member of a booster for green smoothies, having the same function as banana, spinach, kale, and cucumber. The ingredients in these foods are all considered to be fresh and cool, making them mixed together. Additionally, pineapple is also known as the only source of pineapple protease, an enzyme that can help us reduce inflammation in our body.


We can have coconut water, oil, and fruit all in one with this incredibly useful fruit. When we consume coconut, we will receive health advantages not just from the fruit itself but also from the coconut water. Electrolytes included in them naturally help us stay hydrated and cool.


Containing 95 per cent water is an ultimate element for melon becoming a cooling food. Due to their low-calorie content and diuretic properties, they aid in detoxifying our bodies.


Peaches, which were first grown in China, are another tasty seasonal option. In addition to being tasty at this time of year, they also include vitamins A and C, which support healthy skin. They are also the ideal dessert for diets because they only have 35 to 50 calories in every peach.


Avocados have the largest concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids of any fruit, which aid in cleansing the blood of toxins and heat. Due to avocados’ ease of digestion, our body will not have to work harder or produce more heat in order to break down the food.

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