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How to Keep Our White Bedding Bright?

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White bedding is the most favorable choice of bedding. On the face of the appearance, they really do make our rooms look white and clean, but is it possible to keep white bedding consistently clean for a long time if we do not take proper care of it? The answer is absolutely no.

Finding the reason – Why Our Bedding Turn Dirty or Yellow?

First of all, we should find out the real reason that makes our white bedding dirty or yellow after using a period of time if we want to keep our white bedding bright. However, as a matter of fact, numerous stains develop on our cherished bed sheets no matter whether we want them or not.

Our bed linens absorb everything that touches them, which may cause unattractive stains. The most frequent causes of yellow stains on white linens are body fluids like sweat, skin oils, and other human fluids. Unfortunately, there are no effective ways to stop our bodies from creating these liquids and oils but a few strategies to lessen this issue of white bedding.

Other Reasons:

  • Eating food on the bed
  • The make-up residue left on the bed
  • Bleach chemical reactions

Finding the way – Keeping Our White Bedding Bright and Clean Again

After knowing the reasons, we might believe bleach can rapidly and effectively resolve this issue as it usually does in daily life, but this isn’t typically the case. We have already known that bleach will have some chemical reactions, so this method can stay in the last one. What else can we do besides using bleach?

#1: Washing the White Bedding Regularly

It is essential for us to wash our white bedding regularly without saying any words. When we are so enmeshed in our busy lives, we will be astonished at how long linen can remain on a bed. Anyway, if we do not wash our white bedding at a regular time then it has no difference that we might sleep in our own dirt.

#2: Air-Dry Our White Bedding in Sunlight

On the one hand, sunlight has a built-in whitening effect. When there are no obvious yellow stains, air-drying our bed linens in the sun will stop them from accumulating. When the yellow stains are already apparent, air-drying our bed sheets in the sun will lighten them and make them less noticeable. In addition, not only does natural sunshine brighten white bedding, but it also gives them an incredibly fresh scent.

#3: Do Not Eat and Drink on Our Beds

Eating and drinking on our beds is the fastest way to make our white bedding dirty even though we know that might be a happy way to relax after a busy day. Sometimes, our sweet dreams become a nightmare that just needs a drop of red wine or a piece of chocolate.

#4: Please Instantly Remove A Stain When It Happens

If you chose to disregard the previous advice to avoid eating in bed or putting on makeup before night, we most certainly have a stain on our hands. Don’t panic, but do make sure to deal with it right away because the longer you wait, the more time the stain has to set and become much more challenging to remove.

#5: Trying These Useful Methods Instead of Applying Bleach

  • Baking Soda – Not only a magic ingredient in cooking but also helps remove unwanted smells and yellow stains on our white bedding.
  • White Vinegar – A natural cleaner that is used immediately after baking soda. It is a natural stain remover that aids in removing offensive odors from clothing.
  • Lemon Juice – It may be able to restore the whiteness and crispness of our white bedding due to its natural bleaching abilities.


In short, it used to be very difficult to remove yellow stains or dirty on our white bedding. Even if these stains are adamant about remaining, we can make them disappear by using the proper cleaning supplies. Of course, the quickest way is to buy a new set of white bedding on the Annie Selke.

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