Tips How to easily watch the uncensored version of each new drama show?

How to easily watch the uncensored version of each new drama show?

How to easily watch the uncensored version of each new drama show? post thumbnail image

In recent years, the culture of two-dimensional is moving to the public. The number of people in the two-dimensional community is constantly expanding while many two-dimensional games spring up.

Nowadays, most old shows have become members-only, except for the new ones, which are free to watch on some official websites. However, these new drama shows can be watched commonly during the update period. They will become available again to prominent members after they are finished. For non-paying fans, the number of series available is decreasing and the time limit for viewing is becoming an issue that has to be considered.

If you are also part of a member of a two-dimensional community and like to catch up on new shows on your daily routine but cannot see your favourite series in time due to copyright reasons or censorship, and don’t know where to see the latest series, here is a recommendation for you, Bahamut Animation Crazy.

Bahamut Animation Crazy uses the same animation rights as the official one, which means that all the episodes on it are released in their original form and there are no cuts or mosaics. The updated schedule is also in sync with the official one and is updated in real-time.

In terms of picture quality, you can purchase a large membership to watch at 1080P. The pop-ups are also available, so you can catch up with the show and troll at the same time. The number of users is relatively small and the pop-ups are sparser, with about half a minute of commercials before the show.

There is one more thing to consider if you want to watch Bahamut Animation Crazy: only servers in Taiwan can play the episodes in Bahamut Animation Crazy. If you are not in Taiwan, you will need to change your server location through VPNs. Here is a recommended VPN for you. It is called PrivateVPN.

PrivateVPN is a user-friendly virtual private network provider from the Swedish company Privat Kommunikation Sverige AB. This VPN was established in 2009 to unblock geo-restricted content and enable users to access the internet anonymously. PrivateVPN has a no-logging policy, unlimited bandwidth, and offers “the highest level of encryption“.

PrivateVPN: A Short Review

Unblocks the U.S. Netflix library and works with many other streaming servicesLive chat support is not always available
No logsSmall server network compared to competitors
Decent speedsDoesn’t come with some advanced features like the WireGuard protocol and split-tunnelling
Supports torrentsNo browser extension
Offers dedicated IP addresses

The connection quality of PrivateVPN is stable and there are very few times when the connection fails. The impact on internet speed is also minimal, and viewing 1080p is almost stress-free. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its services.

LIMITED OFFER: 12 Months + 24 Months extra!


Does VPN slow your Internet connection?

While any VPN service can slow down your connection, the difference is so minor that you probably won’t notice it. Plus, using PrivateVPN may increase your speed because unlike an ISP that throttles certain types of traffic, they never restrict traffic.

How many servers do they have, and where are their servers located?

PrivateVPN service is available in many countries, including the UK, US and Canada. With over 200 servers in 63 countries, whether you’re at home or travelling around the world, you can enjoy the privacy and protection that PrivateVPN provides anytime, anywhere.

You can connect from any of their locations, and you can change your server location at any time. Note that in some countries (like China) there are restrictions where you can only connect via an L2TP VPN, as firewalls block other ways to access their services.

How much does a PrivateVPN subscription cost?

PrivateVPN offers several plans that vary by subscription length. Plans start at $11.99 per month. And PrivateVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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