Tips How can I watch free TV shows online after the introduction of drama censorship?

How can I watch free TV shows online after the introduction of drama censorship?

How can I watch free TV shows online after the introduction of drama censorship? post thumbnail image

Brief Description

It’s been a few months since the official implementation of the “first to review and then broadcast” for Japanese anime on all platforms from April 2021, and many of the new shows have not made it onto some official websites as genuine shows. There are still many people who are unaware of this system. This group is either two-dimensional or fans of normal dramas who are not so demanding for watching a drama. However, for fans of two-dimensional who are more frequently exposed to foreign drama, this censorship is undoubtedly another squeeze on the survival of the entire group.

It has been proven that many platforms made it possible to watch all kinds of dramas at will around 2010 and the type of partly gory and violent dramas also can be watched directly online. At some point, later on, some of the episodes suddenly disappeared without a sound, and some of the episodes had a “holy light” added to cover up any images that seemed out of place. In April 2021, with the advent of the “pre-censorship” system, dramas are being corrected step by step to “compliance” before they can appear in the public, and the exact criteria for censorship are still unclear.

The future is that controversial and niche dramas will gradually be withdrawn from the mainland market, as they will not be introduced at all and will struggle to reach a certain level of discussion in some countries. Maybe writers of animated commentary videos need to find another way of life.


The situation is now too difficult to resolve in normal ways but it can find some way of accessing resources in the little space left to survive.

  • If you want to remain within the confines of the website that allows you to watch dramas, TV shows, or anime, you can consider entering the IP address of other countries, such as Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan limited area. This can be achieved by using the VPNs of the respective regional servers.
  • Using other online viewing sites and also needs to use need to use VPNs to switch to Taiwan.
  • Resource groups of telegram – Some resource groups will share resources directly within the group and anime resources can be watched online. These resources also can be downloaded by using BT to watch locally. Need to use VPNs.


The solutions have been mentioned earlier. Last but not least, I would like to recommend IPVANISH VPN. It is important to find a practical and reliable VPN because most of the more stable online viewing channels still require the use of tools. IPVANISH delivers access to a high-speed, global network of VPN servers. No matter where you are in the world, these private servers are just one tap away for IPVANISH users.

IPVanish pros and cons


+ One of the cheapest yearly options
+ Geographically diverse servers
+ Unlimited connections
+ Free SOCKS5 proxy
+ No-logs policy
+ Military-grade encryption
+ Kill-switch
+ Fast speeds
+ Great customer support


Price increases after a year

What streaming platforms have IPVanish unlocked?

I chose a few large sites to test IPVanish’s capabilities, but the results are not as exciting as you might hope. Only 3 streaming sites were unlocked by IPVanish – Netflix (US, UK, Indian libraries, HBO Max, YouTube and BBC iPlayer).

In addition to Netflix US being unblocked, YouTube TV was not a difficult nut to crack. You can unblock geo-restricted sports episodes or trailers without any problem when connecting to the IPVanish server.
Attempts to access DAZN encountered the following disappointment. The VPN was caught in their filters, returning an error and blocking access to the site. The same happened with the following other streaming platforms.

IPVanish is an excellent choice for those who want to securely and secretly search the Internet on multiple devices while bypassing some geo-blocking restrictions and for those who like to download seeds. IPVanish will provide you with top-notch security tools (opens in a new tab), extremely fast WireGuard speeds, helpful customer support, and more.

However, while IPVanish is one of the better VPN providers on the market today, there are still a few stumbling blocks that keep it behind ExpressVPN and other top VPN providers.

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