VPN Guides 在 Bahamut Animation Crazy 找到最新系列

在 Bahamut Animation Crazy 找到最新系列

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The animation rights used in Bahamut Animation Crazy are the same as the official ones. All the episodes on the website are released in their original form, and there will be no cuts or mosaics. The updated schedule is also kept up to date with the official one. I’m sure those of you in Taiwan know this site well. Not only is there a full range of drama resources on Bahamut Animation Crazy but also supports pop-ups, so you can catch up with your friends and discuss your favourite missions and storylines with others who share your interests.

Compared to other video sites where you need to buy a membership, Bahamut Animation Crazy s series is open to all users, so all anime lovers can find their favourite works on the site and enjoy the series. The difference between free and paid subscribers is the picture quality. Free subscribers are able to watch up to 720P and paid subscribers are able to watch up to 1080P in Ultra HD. Free subscribers will have to wait for about half a minute for a commercial before watching an episode.

Please note that Bahamut Animation Crazy is currently only available to users located in Taiwan. If you are located elsewhere and would like to watch, you will need to use a virtual network connection to change the location of your computer so that Bahamut Animation Crazy will think your device is in a viewable area and you will be able to watch it smoothly.

There is a tool called PrivateVPN that can help you to change your location and stably connect to the internet. You can watch it in 1080p Ultra HD without any hindrance when local internet speed allows. PrivateVPN does not have a free trial. It offers three subscription plans and a 30-day money-back guarantee. PrivateVPN supports mobile phones and computers to use easily.

PrivateVPN At A Glance

✔ Easy to use✖ Small server fleet
✔ 7-day free trial✖ Drop in speeds compared to our last tests
✔ Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more✖ Unattractive mobile apps
✔ Great for torrenting✖No Smart DNS feature
✔ Power users can choose their desired VPN protocol

Streaming – Except for Bahamut, Does PrivateVPN Work with Other Streaming Platforms?

Many VPN providers make empty promises about their ability to unblock geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

In other situations, providers are able to unblock content on specified servers but neglect to specify which servers are appropriate for streaming inside the app interface.

By designating servers that may access particular streaming websites, PrivateVPN makes an effort to be as user-friendly as possible for streaming.

We discovered that the labelling was correct. All of PrivateVPN’s designated Netflix servers were able to access Netflix without any issues, despite the fact that several servers were unable to get beyond Netflix’s VPN barrier.

The following nations have been designated by PrivateVPN as having Netflix streaming servers: the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Peru.

Other streaming labels turned out to be similarly accurate. With the use of PrivateVPN’s US servers, we were able to access Hulu, ABC, BBCiPlayer, and Amazon Video.

Why Recommend PrivateVPN First?

PrivateVPN Doesn’t Keep Logs

A trustworthy no-logs VPN service, PrivateVPN has never given out user information to a third party. Its base in Sweden, a 14 Eyes jurisdiction, is a little drawback, but this is made up by its private logging policy.

Your email address, which you use to sign in, reset your password, and renew your account, is the only data PrivateVPN keeps. We received confirmation from PrivateVPN that this is in no way related to your behaviour.

Because PrivateVPN doesn’t even log anonymous usage information, it is one of the very few no-logs VPNs. Typically, more expensive services are the ones that offer this amount of privacy.

Fast Speeds Across The Server Network

According to the findings of our tests, PrivateVPN is quick when connected to a nearby server. Only 6% of our download speeds were reduced, indicating that the VPN is quick enough for all web activity. PrivateVPN’s global speeds, on the other hand, are less spectacular, and its overloaded servers frequently experience lag.

On long-distance connections, PrivateVPN‘s speed was virtually as good. We observed rapid speeds in a number of sites.

Although it connected to a US server with only average speeds, it operated better in other far-off places like Australia and Canada. Without any pauses or buffering, we were able to stream HD video and play online games from these nations.

Other Best VPNs to Watch Bahamut in Taiwan

#1: AtlasVPN

Whether you’re in Taiwan or a different country, Atlas VPN lets you continue browsing as usual. This is because it is very good at getting around geographical restrictions. We’ve discovered that streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video work particularly well with it. Atlas VPN is without a doubt one of the fastest VPNs we’ve used, with average speeds of 247 Mbps and unlimited bandwidth.

You can connect all of your devices simultaneously with a single Atlas VPN account. Atlas VPN has a lot of security features that help keep you safe online, which is another reason to use it. A kill switch, ad blockers, MultiHop servers, and DNS leak protection are all part of this. It is notable that it does not keep user-identifying logs.

What We LikePricing
✔ Excellent VPN Services for Streaming
✔ Superior web traffic encryption
✔ Lightning speed
💸 Monthly Plan: 10.99 USD / Month
💸 Yearly Plan: 3.29 USD / Month
💸 2-Year Plan: 1.64 USD / Month

#2: Private Internet Access

The settings of PIA are extremely adaptable. You can change encryption protocols and set the VPN to connect to a specific server upon startup for immediate security. Because 128-bit AES encryption and the OpenVPN protocol provide sufficient security for my needs, I made the decision to keep the default settings.

An integrated ad blocker, tracker, and malware blocker (MACE) were also in my settings. At the point when I tried PIA’s MACE highlight, it successfully hindered a few pernicious destinations. I was reassured by a quick review of the VPN’s privacy policy, which stated that PIA does not store any of your data either, preventing it from disclosing any sensitive information to third parties.

What We LikePricing
✔ Unbreakable VPN Security
✔ Access For All Your Devices
✔ Zero Restrictions, Unlimited Content
💸 Monthly Plan: 11.99 USD / Month
💸 6-Month Plan: 7.50 USD / Month
💸 2-Year Plan: 2.03 USD / Month


IPVanish is a VPN based in the United States that has a great reputation for privacy and security. Your data is protected by strong encryption, leak protection, and a kill switch. The speeds should be sufficient for HD streaming.IPVanish does not keep any activity logs or other identifying data.

Netflix, KKTV, and a few other streaming sites can be unblocked with IPVanish.Support for customers is available at all times. You can connect any number of devices simultaneously with a single plan. Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire TV are all supported by apps.

What We LikePricing
✔ Unbreakable VPN Security
✔ Access For All Your Devices
✔ Zero Restrictions, Unlimited Content
💸 Monthly Plan: 11.99 USD / Month
💸 6-Month Plan: 7.50 USD / Month
💸 2-Year Plan: 2.03 USD / Month

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