VPN Guides 5 Super Rated Movies of 2022

5 Super Rated Movies of 2022

From a cinematic point of view, these two years actually go by faster. There are countless movies that have been changed due to the epidemic, and some small productions even died in the middle. But movies always bring something, whether it’s happiness, visual enjoyment, or a sense of life. Today I recommend 5 movies with high ratings. How many have you watched?

Jackass Forever

Get ready to laugh, wince, scream, and thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to suffer serious injuries to make a living. 20 years after the first jackass movie and 12 years after the third (there was only one bad grandpa in between), Johnny Knoxville and his sadomasochistic skateboard pals came back. Once again, they performed a series of elaborate shenanigans and painful-looking stunts, some of which were orchestrated by Spike Jones, but now they’re taking longer to recover. The gang was attacked by snakes, bees, spiders and more, and in the film, a gray-haired Knoxville was bitten by an angry bull, which landed him in the hospital. “I had a broken wrist, a broken rib, a concussion and a brain hemorrhage,” he told Variety. “It took months for my cognitive abilities to recover. I walked, talked and had conversations, but three months of I’m not 100% the time.” Talk about suffering for your art.


The latest adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s play is a lavish period musical written by Erica Schmidt and directed by Joe Wright (Darkest Hour, Atonement). Its most striking aspect, however, is that it stars Peter Dinklage as Cyrano de Bergerac, a 17th-century aristocratic soldier who is afraid to express his love for beauty. The love of Roxanne (Hayley Bennett). The actor is 4ft 5in (1.35m), so it’s Cyrano’s height, not his long nose, which makes him unconscious. Jenny Kermode’s Film Eye says Dinklage is “so fit for the classic role that it might have been written for him,” and goes on to say he’s “as someone smarter than almost everyone else around him” . Kermode called the film “Cyrano de Bergerac because it was meant to be… a film not to be missed”.

Marry Me

In 1961, Goya’s portrait of the Duke of Wellington was stolen from the National Gallery in London, but the thief was not an international crime boss. In fact, the painting was brushed over by an eccentric 60-year-old taxi driver and aspiring screenwriter Kempton Bunton (Jim Broadbent) to protest the government’s neglect of British pensioners. This quirkier-than-fiction story has been turned into a lovely comedy, starring Helen Mirren as Bunton’s wife. Jo-Ann Titmarsh of HeyUGuys said The Duke tells “a very interesting and unbelievable story…Thanks to Richard Bean and Clive Coleman for the script, it flies at a breakneck pace. It’s as sweet as ginger brewing Bunton into tea, but never boring.” Now, though, The Duke is more bittersweet than sweet, as the film’s director, Roger Michel (Notting Hill, Venus) passed away in September 2021, making this film his penultimate film.

Big Bug

Amélie is one of the most internationally successful French films of all time, but that didn’t help its director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, to get his new film released. “I’ve been carrying this script with me in France for four years,” Genette said on his website, “and it was rejected by everyone (like the deli and Amelie of their day)…. ..because, obviously, a French comedy with a robot doesn’t fit in a nice, neat box.” Luckily for us, Netflix stepped in. Jeunet’s first film in nearly a decade, Big Bug is an offbeat sci-fi satire set in 2045, when AI robots rebel against humans and four servant robots lock their owners in their suburban home. “The fact that BigBug won’t be in theaters isn’t a problem,” Jeunet promises, “because . . . it’s perfect for the small screen and TV.”

Death on the Nile

After years of delay, Kenneth Branagh and his bearded man are back for a second Hercule Poirot adventure. Like 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express, it was a star-studded affair with Gal Gadot, Annette Bening, Letitia Wright ), Armie Hammer, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are among the suspects and victims on the paddle steamer in Egypt. But Branagh promises that Death on the Nile will be more intense than the typical Agatha Christie. “For me, the inspiration comes from black classics, Dial M For Murder, Double Indemnity and recent photos, body heat, even Fatal Attraction,” he told Empire. “These hot, vibrant atmospheres.” In the first In a flashback to World War II, the digital age Branagh will also appear as 22-year-old Poirot. “We have the opportunity to see not only what makes Poirot in a rough world that one might not imagine he was involved in, but also inside him.”

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