VPN Guides A New Streaming Series | How to Watch The Last of Us on HBO

A New Streaming Series | How to Watch The Last of Us on HBO

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Based on video games, numerous popular series have been produced. The Witcher from Netflix is one of them. And now, The Last of Us is another game that HBO is currently bringing to life!

About The Last of Us on HBO

Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us,” released in 2013, is frequently recognized as one of the best video games ever made, not just for its generation. Following the journey of a smuggler named Joel who is charged with accompanying an adolescent named Ellie around the nation in search of a treatment for an end-of-the-world spores-based ailment.

Due to its excellent storyline, endearing characters, and captivating gameplay loop, “The Last of Us” transcended the zombie apocalypse genre and received critical acclaim. Its follow-up, “The Last of Us Part 2,” was published in 2020 and received comparable appreciation from critics. Due to their commercial success, both games have been turned into an HBO television series that will premiere in 2023.

The First Scene of The Last of Us

A few moments woven within the story provided the first glimpse at the show outside of set images and hazy screenshots. Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, and Ellie, played by Bella Ramsay, are shown crossing a bridge in a snowy environment as the camera follows them from above as they approach an unidentified menace.

However, it’s a few recognized visuals and pieces of dialogue that are exactly the same as the game that strikes out the most. More private moments like seeking refuge and exchanging short words are also suggested.

How to Watch The Last of Us on HBO

HBO is only accessible in a select number of nations, including the US, Brazil, Spain, and Sweden, due to licensing agreements and broadcasting limitations. This indicates that if you are outside the licensed territories, it will prevent you from watching The Last of Us.

Thus, using a VPN is the simplest way to watch HBO Max from any location.


NordVPN is one of the best VPNs available when it comes to streaming. We tried NordVPN with HBO Max, and we had no trouble getting access. With the help of some brilliant workarounds, NordVPN can get around VPN restrictions and still get you access. Its dedicated IP addresses are perhaps the best feature it provides to do this.


Excellent VPN PIA has always placed a high priority on privacy. However, over the past few years, their aggressive server development and affordable costs have made them a serious rival to VPNs that are more popular and entertainment-oriented. Today, it’s a fantastic streaming VPN option and a perfect way to watch your preferred HBO Max TV episodes and movies.


One of the biggest server networks is that of CyberGhost, which has 8,852+ servers throughout the world, including servers that are HBO Max-optimized. These servers can be found by heading to your server settings and browsing the “For Streaming” section.


For the majority of devices, PrivateVPN features easy-to-use software, making it perfect for beginners. For HBO, establishing a connection to a US server was simple and just required a few clicks. Additionally, it allowed me to save my preferred servers so that I could simply search and use the best ones for HBO in the future.


HBO has finally debuted the first episode’s footage after months of only releasing behind-the-scenes images taken by fans and paparazzi from a distance. So if you’re looking forward to the product content and quality of the Last of Us, then wait until 2023 to see the actual content for yourself on HBO using these VPNs above.

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