VPN Guides Genshin Impact | Travelling Around Teyvat with Lag-free

Genshin Impact | Travelling Around Teyvat with Lag-free

Hi, buddies! Through the tireless efforts and high recommendations of my friends, I end up becoming a member of traveller on the continent of Teyvat. I am not the type who loves to fight and kill outside the city for their level, weapon, and outfits. I like to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the areas outside the city and between each country.

Do not ask me the reason why I am not keen on upgrading! I will not tell you that all because I cannot defeat the Hilichurls who are living around the world. They usually follow my back to hunt me!

About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. It Features an anime-style open-world environment with a basic free and prop-based fee system based on card draws. That means your all characters have come from card draws. In my opinion, this system has quite a lot of connections with your luck. In addition, this game has been released on Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms, and is planned for release on Nintendo Switch.

Background Settings

The world of Genshin Impact sets in the original world called Teyvat which has the seven elemental powers of Anemo, Pyro, Electro, Hydro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo. People who are seen directly by the gods are granted the version which can guide the elemental powers and those who ascend to Sky Island are given the Gnosis. In this game, we gamers roleplay travellers who come from other worlds. And we will travel around seven countries to find our lost relatives with our partners. In this process, we will find out the truth of Genshin Impact.

Main Characters

We gamers play the main characters called Aether and Lumine, a twin brother and sister who are adrift in countless worlds due to the destruction of their homeland. I choose Lumine to be my main character because she wears a pretty dress and looks so lovely! You also can choose Aether to be your main character at the beginning of the game. Aether has a beautiful waistline and on top of that, he has long hair in pigtails, so cute!!

Combat System

We can choose four characters at a time (a total of four characters for all players in online mode) to take part in the battle and can switch between them quickly during the battle. Each character has two types of skills, Elemental Battle Technique and Elemental Burst.

Elemental Battle Technique can be activated as soon as the cooldown of the move is over, while Elemental Burst requires the accumulation of elemental energy and is cast in elemental form. In addition, for characters who use bows as weapons, there is a separate aiming mode as a form of attack, while these characters’ normal attacks are auto-targeted but deal weaker damage.

World Interaction

Genshin Impact features an open-world map, and in addition to normal walking, we can explore a variety of ruins and terrain by climbing, swimming, gliding and other means of movement. It also has a setting called physical strength. When we climb or swim, our strength will gradually decrease time by time. Of course, our strength can be upgraded and you can find out the specific way when you enter the Genshin world.

We also can interact with many set interactive parts of the world. For instance, we can encounter fires in the field where we can cook, but sometimes the fires we encounter are extinguished and need to be lit manually by us using the fire element in order to cook.

Online systems

Once we reach adventure level 16, the online system can be opened. Each time we can join in another world or others can join in our world, but each time we only join worlds with a world level less than or equal to our own.

Up to four players can join each world at the same time (including the owner of the world) and the number of characters a player can control changes as the number of players joins. In online mode, all players choose a total of four characters. If this world has only two players, each one can control two characters; If has three players, the owner can choose two characters while other players can control only one character; If has four players at the same time, each one only has one character under control.

Some of the tasks are impossible to do when we enter into online mode. I really hate this setting because I can’t get help for some of the missions that I can’t get through. Also, when we receive some tasks, that online mode automatically turns off. That means if I cannot pass the mission, it is equivalent to being locked in my own world forever.


I play Genshin Impact on my computer because it takes up a lot of memory on my phone. When I play it on my computer, this game sometimes gets a little laggy, and NordVPN will help me speed up the game every time before I enter the original world to be a traveller. NordVPN has been equipped with highly advanced servers in 60 countries, offering me not only tangible security but also the possibility to play the game without any interruptions.

Besides, NordVPN‘s military-grade encryption protocol allows me to remain anonymous online and circumvent such network surveillance, ensuring that my traffic data is not stolen by third parties. If you face the same situation as me, your games sometimes lag and you want to protect your account privacy, you can download NordVPN to help you.

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