VPN Guides 8 Best Australian TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video in 2022

8 Best Australian TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video in 2022

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Truthfully, Amazon Prime Video seems like an epic treasure trove of many TV shows or series. It will draw you in all the way through, from suspense dramas to comedies, from the latest sci-fi plots to popular dramas, and there are plenty of great episodes which are worth watching to the end. You will feel like you are a child who is in a candy shop and have no idea to choose the right bottle for yourself.

The following TV shows are candies from Australia that we recommend you try first. They are in no particular order and we hope these shows will not disappoint you.

1. A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home is an Australian TV show that is created by Bevan Lee for Seven Network. Its first broadcast was on 28 April 2013.

The story was set in rural New South Wales after World War II. The main character Sarah Adams returns to Australia to have a new life after having been living in a foreign country for about 20 years; Then she has clashed with Elizabeth Bligh who is a wealthy matriarch. It has been described as a fascinating melodrama about the love and loss of social transformation in the 1950s.

2. The Tourist

The Tourist starts its story with a man who wakes up and has no memory of himself after a car accident in the Australian outback. Audiences may think they are familiar with this plot, but the following process is unusually inventive in its plotting and presentation.

This story is not only a darkly comic but also purely noir. The personalities of each character are totally different, for instance, someone is purely evil; some may seem decent but with an unforgivable history; others are good guys but do not live longer.

3. Upright

Abandoned by his family, Lucky Flynn decides to drive to the other side of Australia, taking only an upright piano with him on the way, to watch her mother when he knows that his mother is critically ill. But, his plan is sooner turned upside down when he meets runaway teenager Meg, who is dealing with some family demons of her own.

One of its main characters says that this show is the one he is waiting for when he hears about the idea of Upright and he loves the story which can make him cry, think, and laugh.

4. The Gloaming

Unorthodox but troubled policeman Molly McGee leads the investigation of the murder of an unidentified woman.

To solve this case, Molly needs to work together with a man called Alex O’Connell whom she has not spoken to in 20 years. They discover that this murder is connected to an unsolved historical case and unnatural circumstances. Molly and Alex are forced to confront the ghosts of their past in order to catch the killer.

5. Bad Mothers

This story tells the struggle with the hot issues of love, family, career, infidelity, and murder that happens to five modern women. They will understand and learn that their lives can be more complicated, outrageous and interesting than they ever imagined after the five women’s lives have clashed with a series of shocking events.

Sarah’s happy life is ruined when she discovers that her husband and her bestie Charlotte cheat on her. Expelled from the club, Sarah finds unexpected support in the Bad Moms. Her new friends exact revenge on Charlotte which leads to deadly consequences

6. The Cry

The disappearance of a baby in an Australian coastal town sparks a journey into the psychological breakdown of a young couple. They are dealing with an incredible tragedy in the public spotlight and behind closed doors.

Joanna and Alistair are young parents who have travelled from Scotland to visit family in a small Australian town and are fighting with his Australian ex-wife Alexandra for custody of Alistair’s daughter Chloe. But their young boy Noah goes missing on the way driving from Melbourne to the seaside town of Wilder Bay. After the tragedy, in full view of the public, their relationship broke down and her psychological state disintegrated.

7. Fighting Season

This story is a six-part event drama revolving around invisible men and women who serve their country; what they bring back from the war; what they find themselves left behind. A compelling mystery about a possible cover-up line crossed by killers and family men, heroes and victims, truth and imagination.

This TV show is an excellent suspenseful drama about the problems faced by soldiers and their families while fighting overseas. It is completely heart-wrenching and heartbreaking in places.

8. Wentworth

Set in the present day, Wentworth tells the story of contemporaneous legends and their stories for today’s audiences. The series takes viewers into an uncompromising environment, exploring the politics of women in a world without men, and how this threatening experience both challenges and often transforms those confined to work behind barbed wire. Each episode explores and delves into the backstory of each character. At its heart, Wentworth is a series about survival, a character drama that features women living in a pressured environment.

How to watch Australian TV shows on Amazon Prime Video in 2022

If you are a member of Amazon Prime subscribers, you may probably know that the streaming service has region-specific content. If your IP address is not in Australia, Amazon Prime will not allow you to watch the TV shows above.

To solve this problem, here is a great tool for you. It is called IPVANISH which is a VPN service. Its network consists of 1600 VPN servers in over 75 locations, providing over 40,000 shared IP addresses. Australia has five servers from which you can switch your IP address. IPVANISH is fast on streaming that can allow you to watch TV shows without buffering. In addition, it has its own network to manage the servers directly which means your privacy also can get greater control.

All you have to do is just to follow these three simple steps and choose your favourite Australian TV shows on Amazon Prime Video:

  • Get a VPN. I recommend IPVANISH because it unblocks Amazon Prime Video easily and is super fast!
  • Connect to the server. Open the VPN app and select a server located in Australia.
  • Start watching Australian TV shows! Just log into Amazon Prime Video and choose a show to start streaming.

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